What is ASi?

AS-Interface – a modern cost-effective automation system

The Cabinet Modules Celpia produces are based on AS-Interface, or ASi, as it is abbreviated. The explanation why is simple: this is a modern cost-effective system used by many companies in the industry, focusing on lower field level. Click here to read more about our electrical Cabinet Modules.

Easy installation

There are many sensors and actuators that can be connected with an easy installation via AS-Interface’s special cable. The wiring process is greatly simplified. The Cabinet Modules from Celpia follow the same principle.

Why Celpia uses this system

  • Direct and easy connection of sensors / actuators or modules
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Data and power on the same cable
  • Piercing technology
  • Simple connection technology
  • Secure connection
  • No need for cutting and stripping of cables
  • Can be mounted in any position
For more information, visit ASi's website