Cabinet module version 2

Our Cabinet module version 2 is finally here!

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See how easy it is to connect your operator units with the cabinet modules.

  • Skip IO module! Celpia ASi device connect fieldbus directly to switch. No wires, no tools.
  • Celpia ASi module for panel mounted switch, push button, pilot light and emergency stop.

Celpia Cabinet Asi Modules simplify connection to panel-mounted selector switch and indicators by replacing ASi IO modules where each conductor must be wired. It is a simpler and cleaner installation compared to using an IO module, as the ASi fieldbus connects without tools, directly to the selector switch, indicator light or similar.


Celpia introduces ASi for operator units

If you’re already working with AS-Interface / ASi in your industrial automation, you might take this functionality for granted. In the industry, at a lower field level, the ASi-compatibility has been not been optimized for cabinets and control pulpet installations. Celpia’s products solve this, introducing the cabinet modules. Now push buttons, indicators and switches can be directly connected to the AS-Interface.

The advantages of AS-interface for operator units

Celpia’s innovation comes with several advantages. The modules we supply simplify installation in the electrical cabinets by minimizing wiring. These modules are connected with a single ASi Cabinet Cable, instead of multiple wires.

Our modules simplify the installation, but they also save a lot of time. Both in the design phase and during the installation. Forget misconnected wires. This leads to higher security, which is another benefit. The modules have selectable colors for indication. 

Upgrading old cabinets and control panels

With our products you can upgrade existing technology without replacing any operator units.  Remove all wires, contact blocks and indication lamps. Replace them with Cabinet Modules and a single ASi Cabinet Cable, with a quick and easy installation process. Read more about the Cabinet Modules here.

What is ASi?

AS-Interface is a vital part of modern industry, and is a IEC-standard (62026-2). Many sensors and controls can easily be connected via ASi technology. It is designed for connecting simple field I/O devices, such as actuators, sensors, rotary encoders, analog inputs and outputs, push buttons, and valve position sensors, using a single two-conductor cable.

Read more about ASi here.


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