Cabinet Modules for operator units – digitize your actuators

Celpia proudly presents the Cabinet Modules, which connect your push buttons, switches and indicators to AS-Interface just like the rest of your industrial automation. The modules are compatible with most leading brands. Wire connections are replaced with an ASi bus. This saves a lot of time and money. Click here to see and order our products.

The electrical Cabinet Modules simplify in all phases of your industrial automation

ASi is a standard in modern industrial automation. It has not yet been available for directly connecting pushbuttons, switches and indicators to the ASi bus cable. Until now. Our digitizing solution simplifies the work on automation design and installation, while making old technology as new. This provides control and a raised security level. The new electrical Cabinet Modules from Celpia – for normal and specialized needs.


The benefits of Celpia’s Cabinet Modules:

  • One module for all actuators and indicators you use
  • Save time: Design is easy – a single bus connection replaces up to hundreds of connections
  • Save money: Easy and fast installation – just connect one cable
  • Each module has all the functions
  • Increase availability: Monitoring and troubleshooting available for operator devices – with the ASi standard you’re used to
  • Increased security: Using ASi technology makes diagnosis and error monitoring possible with ASi Master

What types of modules are available?

Here you can find information about all our products: 

Technical datasheet: Celpia Product Range

What about compatibility?

The modules are compatible with most common brands, such as: ABB, Tayee, Autonics, BACO, EAO, Sprecher Schuh, Benedict, Schneider Electric, IDEC, RAFI, Siemens, Eaton, Omron and others.

Missing some brand?
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